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Daily Strange Cosplay Tip #35

We all have that problem of planing a cosplay, buying all the things you need for it. And then you just stop. All your motivation is gone even though you really want to do this cosplay. It has happened to me before. I start cutting things out, I get bored and don’t touch it untill last minute. Here are some ways to keep yourself motivated

1. Look at other cosplays- This can either be a big help, looking at beautiful cosplays and wishing that yours will be that great, sending you straight back to work. Or the downside may be you crying in your chair eating buttered popcorn crying about how you will never be as good. 

2. Share with others what you are doing - If you share with your friends or online friends on what you are working on, I’m sure at least one of them will be begging to see what you have done so far and asking you every minute if you are done yet. This can show you that not only yourself wants this cosplay done, but your friends want to see it as well!

3. Try on what you have done - Trying on what you have done can show you on how great you are doing or how much work you need to get done to send you back to the sewing machine. Even if you havn’t even started, you can try doing a makeup test and take pictures to see if you can make yourself like the character without the wigs or clothes.

4. Post your WIP shots online- You can make a personal blog for your cosplay work in progresses or just have a folder on fb for it. Not only can you see it, but people will start watching your progress helping you along the way. And if you stop for any reason I’m sure they will harrass you to get back to work.

Remember for when you are working on a cosplay, you got to keep track of time. Plan way ahead when working on it. Cosplay will always take longer then you think it would.


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